Migration rates in Africa - interactive infographic
This infographic brings attention to the migration rates in Africa, both internally and externally.
Map of the Mexican Railway System - infographic & brochure 
Made for a Data Design course, in which the objective was to present a specific map directed in an innovative way.
Tomato seeds - infographic
This infographic was made for an assignment meant to show endemic seeds from Mexico. I chose to research tomato seeds, their origin, the gastronomical purpose of tomatoes around the world, its harvest and its medical use.
What is happening in Libya? - infographic
This was an assignment for a Data Design course, I chose the migration crisis that Libya is facing as a country and how a war-torn nation has drastically changed over the years. Two different variations of this infographic are shown below.
ADG Production Design Newsletter
Hypothetical newsletter and article design for an Editorial Design course. I chose ADG (Art Director's Guild) and the 2019 Academy Awards as my theme.
Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities Infographic
Made for a Social Responsibility Course, this infographic aims to inform people about the international human rights treaty of the United Nations intended to protect the rights and dignity of persons with disabilities. 
CAXI was created by myself and fellow designers América Barrientos, Frida Acosta, Mariana Rodríguez and Diego Romero. The name is a derivation of the word "caxitl", which means "box" or "container" in Nahuatl; It was chosen to give recognition to the indigenous groups of the region. The contents of the boxes are a series of 100% natural and organic products in conjunction with a menu recommended by qualified gourmet chefs, which makes them the perfect activity for families who want to cook with sustainable and organic products.

CAXI won the Premio Nacional de Diseño award in 2021, in the "Digital Design - Online Campaigns" category.
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