Chapter App
Designed by myself and my friend and fellow designer América Barrientos, this app was made as our entry for the 2020 D&AD New Blood Awards, under the Penguin brief.
Demeter App
This app was designed as a new approach on grocery delivery services. No "supermarket" exists physically, everything you order comes from a warehouse and through the app you can order your groceries like you would with any other online shopping.
Amnistía Internacional: Derecho x la Salud App
This app was designed by myself and fellow designers América Barrientos, Beatriz Ytuarte and Diego Romero, as a companion app to a website we developed for Amnesty International. The app is part of a much bigger project based on access to health rights in South American & Caribbean countries.
Memento Mori App
Research project for a New Technologies course. Essay and animation based on digital death. Nowadays, after death you can remain in others. And some, like social media and the digital record of everything you’ve ever posted online, can be much more sinister ways of remaining, than others. 
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